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is still the best investment of today
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Property Millionaire Course



🔥DO NOT GET INTO TRAP ! Now you are 99% stepping into a "GOOD BUY ERA" but please don’t simply choose a unit !🔥
🔥0% RPGT + HOC programme now⁉️ The best timing for you to feel the era like years before 2010‼️🔥

Not all expensive assets are worth your money, because the cost and sustainability are not necessarily related.

Such as property. Pick wisely instead of just comparing the price

18 golden essential rules that 98% of property buyers will never think of when buying a property which will cause you in a bad consequences if you’ve chosen a wrong one.

Dato’ Howard – The expert and experience property investor and bulk purchase specialist , will share to you all his secrets which is the 18 GOLDEN RULES of buying a property. He has already owned more than 40 properties but of course not all property are making money.

Now, he’s telling you what mistakes he has made & don’t repeat  his mistakes now.


If you do not know WHERE & HOW to choose⁉️

Rental VS Installment = Break even is not consider a good property
Rental VS Installment = Consistent Positive cash flow is only consider a Good property that we all should invest




What’s is the consequences of choosing the wrong property❓

⚠️ No tenant
⚠️ Property Value depreciated
⚠️ Unable to claim back Strata title of your unit
⚠️ Negative Cash Flow
⚠️ Bankruptcy of developer , etc


Milestones in real estate industry

To invest right and avoid from dropping into the trap,

📣Join Property Millionaire Course by Dato’ Howard Chew that you cannot be missed if you are a real property investor!

With all 【9】Basic Rules & 【18】 Golden Rules, by end of the course, you will know

✅ What is black property

✅ Why black property

✅ How to identify a good black property that you should invest

Honour Guests During 10 Anniversary
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